Dolphin M600 Robotic Pool Cleaner

So Maytronics are back at it again, pushing performance and the ability of robotic swimming pool cleaners with the Dolphin M600 a cross between the best features of their S series swimming pool cleaners and M Series respectively.
With a large leaf canister providing multiple layers of filtration for large debris as well as an optional Ultra Fine

Maytronics Elite DealerCanister option regardless of the debris in your swimming pool the Dolphin M600 is ready to tackle your swimming pool. We especially like the two drive motors allowing the M 600 to turn 360 on the spot giving us confidence in its ability to navigate out of corners and find its way through difficult pool shapes just like the M400 and M500. Couple the dual drive motors and then the PowerStream water line cleaning ability from the S Series and i think we might have a new top contender in the robotic pool cleaning heavy weights.

The Dolphin M600 comes with a cloud connected controller, caddy, pick me up function, large leaf basket with ultra fine filtering available, dual drive, PowerStream water line cleaning, and three years warranty, taking everything we liked from every other pool cleaner in the Maytronics line up and going one step beyond.

Dolphin Supreme M600 Specifications

  • Ideal Pool Length: 15m
  • Dynamic dual-drive motor combined with PowerStream mobility system, with multi directinal water outlets and precise navigation control
  • Cleaning Coverage: Flood, walls & waterline
  • Multi layer filter basket, with extra sealing and larger filter capacity.
  • Dual active scrubber, rotates 1.5 times faster than the robot.
  • Cleaning Cycle Time: 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 hours.
  • Cable Length: 18m
  • Weight: 11.5kg
  • Includes caddy
  • Warranty 36 months with optional extended

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